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Scrapbook Two is a photo album of Emily Light's time working in Tule Lake Internment Camp in northern California as well as two other camps, Jerome, Arkansas and Topaz, Utah. Ms. Light has written insightful captions throughout the scrapbook explaining not only the actual photos, but also their context and tidbits about the people in them. Some of the photos are U.S. Government photographs, but most are unique, taken by individuals living and working at Tule Lake. As with Scrapbook One, the scrapbook has been scanned and compiled into a PDF file.  Due to the detail of the scans, the files are large.  To ease downloading, they have been split into two separate files.  

Scrapbook Two Part 1 of 2 (9MB)

Scrapbook Two Part 2 of 2 (6MB)

To facilitate research, the comments have been transcribed into a small MSWord file. 

Scrapbook Two text only (word document)
The TAB numbers used in the word document are the editor's references to scrapbook pages.

If you would like a higher resolution scan of any one page, photograph or document, please contact us at tulelake@tulelakescrapbook.com and we will send it to you.

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